Festival status

The International Road Movie Festival (IRMF) presents artistically significant films that celebrate human diversity and broaden understanding of different cultures. IRMF is dedicated to discover new voices from all around the world.

What We Stand For: Our Mission

Our mission is to draw attention to and raise the profile of films, that celebrate cultural diversity and bring joy and wonder.
We believe that a story driven by authentic voice have the power not only to inspire, enlighten and entertain but also to awake new ideas, break boundaries and bring new levels of understanding.

Where We Are Going: Our Vision

Our vision is to give access to exceptional visual storytelling, new experiences and adventures through powerful cinema experience.
IRMF presents emerging international talents and connects them with new audience to enrich community engagement.
We are committed to become a premier cultural event that offers not only independent films, but also educates through panels, discussions and masterclasses.

IRMF is a nonprofit organization committed to support community respect, dignity and fairness.